picture of Marnie Ehlers


Hi I’m Marnie Ehlers and I am the “Muse” of Good Muse Designs in beautiful Tucson Arizona! As a jewelry artist specializing in Fine and Artisan jewelry, I work primarily in gold and silver, but dabble in bronze, copper, steel and whatever else I can get my hands on! I love teaching jewelry making classes. I also like to draw, paint, sculpt, and create in clay.

I graduated from the California Institute of Jewelry training and did my time as a bench jeweler (not much of a creative outlet but great place to learn metal smithing skills.) I love helping other people discover their own creative voice and I believe that learning should be fun, easy and relaxing! I also believe that we should never stop learning, so to that end I am a workshop junkie. This helps me learn new skills or find different ways to expand existing skills.

You can browse some of my jewelry or sign up for a class at my web site www.goodmusedesigns.com