Last spring I got called in for jury duty.  I have to tell you that this was NOT on my list of favorite ways to spend a gorgeous spring day in Tucson!  It didn’t matter, I found myself at the courthouse but to my delight, displayed in the main floor hallway was an exhibit of paintings done by high school artists and they were very talented young artists!  One piece in particular caught my eye.  It wasn’t the skillful way the artist captured her subject or even the subject of the painting, what drew me to the piece was the title……..RED FLIRT!  It conjured emotions of sexy playfulness and I couldn’t get it out of my mind until I had sketched a version of “red flirt” for myself.  I would like to invite you to flirt with me…. in whatever medium you create in, design a piece with the title “Red Flirt” and let’s see how different our designs are with the same subject matter!  I’ll post my sketch in a few days.  ~Marnie

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