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Boy oh boy has this been a busy month? All of the sudden I looked up from my to-do list and realized that it’s already the last week of March! YIKES! The weather is already heating up here in the “Old Pueblo” but I am happy to be able to still play outside in the garden without the worry of sunburn and complete dehydration within minutes!

I have been busy in the studio working on some new ideas that I hope to share with you soon but many of you have wondered (even though you don’t comment on here…I’ve heard through the grapevine….) What ever happened to “my precious”? Or more specifically, “Did Marnie ever finish that BIG A** ring?” I am happy to report and show you pictures of…..drum roll please……The Cocktail Ring, (Make Mine a Double!) I’m pretty pleased with the results even if it did take me two four tries to get it right. No, it doesn’t look exactly like what I had in mind when I started, and yes, it did give me fits. Actually, it had me pulling my hair out but, fortunately I have enough that the little bald patches are well hidden. But in the end this ostentatious (somebody actually said that about it, to my face, can you believe that?) ring is exactly right! I love it when a plan finally comes together.

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