Be your own muse!

Be your own muse!

She is a dreamer, a hopeful romantic, a child at heart. My muse is a creature of constant delight that playfully entices me to have fun and come out to play. Why don’t I listen to her more often? Why do I allow myself to be bogged down with earthly tasks, the never ending to-do list, and other people’s agendas? What would happen if I ditched the mundane in favor of the extraordinary?

December is the month that I get reflective and start trying to analyze my life (boy that’s a scary thing.) I know I’m not the only one that does this… I suppose it’s human nature. So I make lists (with the help of business gurus and online list making tools, ugh!)

Accomplishments- not enough

Achievements- too few

Wasn’t this the year that was supposed to be successful and just what constitutes success anyway? A business mentor asks me “what would success look like to you?” I have no answer but my muse says, “Success shmukcess, Analyze This—> Go out and play!” I think I’ll take her advice 😉


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