Summer Relaxation  at El Rancho Robles

Summer Relaxation
at El Rancho Robles

I’ve been conditioned to believe that there is something about summer that makes me think of vacations, fun, and endless hours to laze around and relax… the reality is that those things don’t just happen because the season changed. Come on admit it, you have been conditioned to believe it too! Where did we get this idea? Well first of all there is the “school’s out for summer” system. Every year, for years and years they let us out of prison school for months at a time! Then we were thrust into adulthood where suddenly we were expected to work all summer long, even when we know in our minds that it’s “summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Now we long for the “sweet days of summer” and “hot summer nights!” Well my friend Doris and I have decided to do something about it! For years we have talked about doing a summer escape, beat the heat, women’s creativity retreat and it’s finally going to happen! We have joined forces to bring you the “Mirror Retreat” at the beautiful El Rancho Robles guest lodge in Oracle Arizona. This weekend get-a-way is designed to recapture the summer vacation camp-out experience…only better! Skip the tents and outdoor plumbing. Skip the planning and cooking and packing. Relax and enjoy the outdoors in style.

We believe creativity is vital to everyone for a vibrant and joyous life, so we have designed this weekend retreat to nourish and liberate your creative spirit. Creativity is a gift that each of us holds. The challenge is to awaken that gift. In our everyday world of obligations, deadlines and outside stress, creative thinking can refresh our routine, boost self confidence, increase problem solving skills and remind us of our spirit within….not to mention, it’s just plain FUN!
Escape with us to a climate that is cooler than Tucson. Immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the support and connection with other women, learn to silence your inner critic and release your creativity. At the Mirror Retreat you can:

El Rancho Robles Oracle Arizona

El Rancho Robles
Oracle Arizona

The weekend will be filled with relaxation, creative exploration, and friendship. You deserve the down time to immerse yourself in hands on, judgment free activities and pamper yourself with chef prepared meals.  For more information and to join us please check out “Mirror Retreat” on my web site. Hurry, space is limited and you’ll want to get in on this fun before “summer’s gone!”

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