The Creativity Chix are ready to fly!

The Creativity Chix are ready to fly!


We’re flying high……And you can join us!

We’ve talked about it for hours, and hours, and hours, we’ve planned, we’ve organized, and finally my friend and co-founder instigator, Kaitlin Meadows of Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage  and I are launching Creativity Chix!

Creativity Chix are a group of fun-loving, happy, “Chix” that meet for artist adventures, crafting, volunteer events, and retreats. And that’s just the start of what we have planned!

Are you ready to join us for our first outing at Krikawa Gallery at 21 East Congress, Tucson, AZ and then Lunch at Café a la C’Art? Hurry and RSVP because space is limited!

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