I started yesterday with big, juicy plans to get into the studio and “MAKE SOMETHING FUN!” I told myself to just go in there and play with the new Goldie-Bronze™ clay I had purchased to try out. No expectations, no worries, just give it a try to see how you like it, I said. Everything was going great! The directions said to make sure all the particles were well mixed so I put on a Ricky Martin CD and danced around the studio to “She Bangs” with a container of the bronze clay in each hand…what did I care, no one could see me…and I was having FUN.

Four phone calls from telemarketers and political surveyors later I stopped turning down the radio to listen to caller ID! Frustration started to build and things weren’t going as well. When hubby arrived home about 1 PM with big news, my day felt like it was shot!

Imagine the mind monkeys swinging around in my head, stirring up trouble with constant thoughts of “what ifs” and “worries.” They taunted me with their high-pitched, monkey voices….all of them chattering away at once, a cacophony of noise that drowns out my calm, centered self; okay, I admit it, my “self” is never really calm and centered, the monkeys are always there. The term “clear your mind” is a concept I usually can’t quite grasp…(what if I miss an important idea while my mind is clear….hey it could happen!) The bottom line is I can get caught up in my own thoughts… Sometimes this is a great thing. Ideas are born when my mind is on auto pilot. Other times the monkeys take over and I’m dazed into immobility. They jabber on and on until I begin to imagine Marlin Perkins in a primate episode of Wild kingdom….”Something has set off the entire troop of the rare Mind Monkeys we are observing here today. It could be that ‘For Sale’ sign in the neighboring tree.” (Yes, that is what really set off my mind monkeys, my DH had announced that our neighbor’s house went up for sale… there goes the neighborhood the monkeys started screeching!)

I knew I had to act fast before the monkeys could actually take over my entire day…. I had to get out them of my mind. I needed a way to shut them down! That’s when it hit me! Wouldn’t it be great to have a gizmo that would act as a re-set button? A little reminder to stop, breathe and actually think instead of letting “the monkeys” confiscate my thoughts?  So when you see me wearing this new pendant (pictured) you will know…. The mind monkeys have been evicted!

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